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The Shop


The shop provides a wide range of goods and we aim to source items locally wherever possible. 

Fresh meat and poultry is delivered regularly from local farms just up the road.
These farms also provide us with delicious pies and pastries who could resist the delicious sausage rolls?

Fresh bread delivered daily, baked in Monmouth and a wonderful range of sourdough breads, made within
half-a-mile of the shop. Freshly baked croissants are also available at the weekends.

We also carry a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as all daily essentials you expect to find
in a local shop.

We recently developed a range of dried self-service goods alongside our eco-cleaning products,
all helping to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

We have received positive feedback about the range of vegan and gluten-free products and are constantly looking to develop the choices available.

Additional services to the local community including a post office service, which operates Monday to Friday.

Photocopying and dry cleaning services are also available. We also stock firewood and charcoal

We offer a delivery service to those who are unable to access shops locally.

Pre-order is also available and you can contact us through:

Phone: 01291 689995
Via email: orders@bandhvillageshop.co.uk